“A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. The egg that made you, was an egg inside your mother when she was just a foetus inside your grandmother”


When a woman becomes a mother it is often a time she reflects back upon the way she herself was mothered. Our maternal inheritance, from our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and beyond can have a great influence upon our lives and the ways in which we choose to bring up our own children.

Mother in the Mother is an exploration of maternal lineage and the relationships between women, their mothers and their children. Women are invited to take part by submitting their stories and joining creative workshops and events throughout the 2 year project. Browse our growing collection of stories and upload your own.

Run by practitioner Pippa @ Onestory in collaboration with Knowle West Media Centre and funded by the Arts Council England, the project will culminate in a mixed media exhibition opening on Mothers Day 2015.

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