Your Story

The word 'mother' is used to describe the key maternal figure in your life.

Describe your transition into motherhood

Prompts: Did you have clear expectations beforehand? What was your conception experience, did you go through IVF? How were your pregnancy/s and birth/s. If you adopted, fostered or became a step mum what was your transition to motherhood like? How were the first weeks and months, did you feel supported? Did your sense of identity change? What have been some of the greatest challenges and rewards of being a mother?

Describe your mother

Prompts: Was your biological mother present or absent in your life? Did you have other maternal figures - relatives, foster parents, adoptive parents, friends? Describe your mother as you experienced her as a child. Do you remember her physicality, her closeness to or distance from you, her style of parenting, the way she showed love, the way she disciplined you? Were there any times you were particularly close or in conflict. Did your relationship change as you became a teenager or in relation to other life events?

Describe your adult relationship with your mother

Prompts: Did your relationship change when you had children of your own? What do you think now about the way you were mothered? Do you feel the way you were mothered has affected the way you mother your children? Are there things you do consciously or unconsciously that are either different or similar to the way you were brought up? What is your mother’s relationship with your children? If you are a grandmother, how does your relationship with your grandchildren differ from that with your own children? Describe its particular joys and challenges.

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